Privacy Policy

We at CHANCERYADVICE.CO.UK are always dedicated to provide your quality services. We take your privacy seriously. This policy covers how we collect, process and retain your personal data.

We are the data controller. If you want to make any enquiry regarding your data which we collect, you can always write to us at our email address.

We adhere to the rules & regulations of Data Protection Law and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU which monitors objectives including how the data is collected, storied, utilized and secured. By using this website, you give us your consent to this policy.

What personal information is collected and how do we collect it?
Feel free to visit our website. You don’t have to tell us who you are. But, if you provide us your personal information which includes your name, address, phone number and email addresses; we pledge that your information will be safe and secure as per the law.

Your personal information is collected through the contact us form which is there on the website. The form serves as a communication channel between you and our company. We commit that the information which we receive through the contact form will remain protected lawfully.

What are Cookies and how do we use them?
A Cookie is a small file in form of text. It gets stored on your phone, computer etc. upon visiting a website. If you close a website, some cookies are discarded while some remain in your phone or computer. Either the cookies get deleted on their own or you have to delete them. These cookies help us in understanding about a new or a returning visitor.

The information generated through cookies is anonymised. However, these cookies are used in order improve the browsing experience on our website. The data collected includes the details of your visit, resources you access, traffic data, location data etc. but this information will not identify you in person.
Based on these cookies, we provide you relevant content which is tailored accordingly. The data collected is only processed to enhance our online presence and also for statistical purpose and we delete this data later on.

Your data may be used & processed in accordance with GDPR and DPR. Your data can also be used to inform you about any changes or updates in the service that we are providing you. Your data may be disclosed to the regulatory bodies to complying with the law; also to help in protection of any fraud. However we will not share your personal information to the advertisers.

How long will we retain your data/information?
At times, we delete the data which we have stored. This may happen when we no long require the data for the objective for which it has been collected from you. Moreover, the data is also deleted in case you withdraw your consent for processing, retaining and using your data.

You have all the right to ask us to delete your personal data under the rules & regulations of GDPR. You can even mail us and ask for the information that we have collected. You can write to us at [email protected]. There is no charge of this process.

Changes in our Privacy Policy
These privacy policies may change anytime considering several factors such implementations of new technologies, new law enforcement or government regulations etc. We reserve the right of bringing any change in our data protection policy at any time.

We may not inform you about any change or update in our privacy policies. Hence, we suggest you to visit our website read our privacy policies from time to time to stay updated with the changes that have been made as per the considerations.

Below are our company’s details
Name of the Company – Chancery Consultants Ltd
Company Number – 12907776
Registered Address – 21 Knightsbridge,London SW1X 7LY
Contact Email – [email protected]

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